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John Brooks Recovery Center - Pleasantville Treatment Facility

Pleasantville, NJ

leads KDA Architects' architecture, interior design, and landscape design teams through all aspects of KDA Architects' engagement. The renovated space is easy to navigate, with a logical flow and a warm feeling of a smaller counseling setting as opposed to an institutional feel.

This site is the first impression a new client, visitor, or prospective employee will have of the agency. For the new client a comfortable yet somewhat private waiting area soothes the anxiety of embarking on a potentially life changing experience. The admissions process involves private focused interviews with the admission personnel as well as a full medical exam. In addition to medical, there are also phlebotomy and psychiatry spaces in close proximity. The bulk of the space is for client activity —  counseling offices, small group counseling rooms and classrooms.

John Brooks Recovery Center
23,000 SF
Bertino & Assoc.

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