Our team of architects, interior designers, and landscape designers specializes in senior living and behavioral health facility design.  We bring a caring, people-oriented approach to each project.  We understand that the desire for quality of life does not diminish with age or disability, and that thoughtful design can enhance dignity, independence, and well-being.

Our experience, focus, and portfolio position us as leaders in senior living and behavioral health design.

Brandon Almonte

Architectural Intern

Rachel Anzelmi

Project Designer

Katie Boucher, AIA

Senior Project Manager

Michelle Lopez

Project Coordinator

Nick Piro III, RA

Project Architect

Danielle Robertson

Staff/Intern Architect

Bill Schramm, LEED AP

COO, Landscape Designer

Michelle Somers

Interior Designer

Audrey Swanson

Staff/Intern Architect

Jim Virden

Project Coordinator

Join Our Team

Join Our Team